Zerocopy’s History and Mission Statement

Who are you?!

We wanted to tell you all a bit more about who we are, our mission and the history of Zerocopy!


Zerocopy began in 2012 with three students of the famous Vlerick Business School: Werner Raeymaeckers, Eric Decoster and Kjell Clarysse. All three of them decided to use their own pocket money and a small bank loan to start up a free copy service for students.

In 2013 Kjell Clarysse went on alone and attracted Maxime Carpentier as a partner and CEO. After some time, Kjell decided to embark on another entrepreneurial roller-coaster and Maxime took over the whole company together with Duval Union.

Our mission

Education is the most important investment in our future.

Education should be accessible for everyone, regardless social and financial backgrounds. Zerocopy aims at helping the democratization of higher education.

The mission of Zerocopy is lowering the financial barriers to higher education.

A first step to realize our mission is to allow students to print all their courses, slides, cases, … for free. This free service is financed by a small advertisement at the bottom of every page.

So, students in most university cities in Belgium can print the copies they need from their room and collect them in the copying points located in the firms of their sponsors. Prints can be delivered at the students home too. The service is paid by firms who are interested in students as prospective clients. Every copy is printed with a small advertisement for the sponsoring company. The ads are a form of ‘targeted advertising’: engineering students get ads from structural engineering firms; language students form business translator bureaus and so on. The prints are free for students and Zerocopy gets the means needed to expand their territory to spread the mission.


Today we have over 60 printing locations! They are to be found in Leuven, Gent, Antwerp, Brussels, Mons, Bruges, Brussels Hasselt, Kortrijk, Louvain-La-Neuve, Liege, Mechelen, Namur, Ostend, Waregem, Wavre and Wilrijk.

Today more than 100.000 users are on our platform. With more than ten million printed pages Zerocopy is the biggest ‘printer’ in Belgium.

All with your help! Thank you!

Happy printing!