Zerocopy credit policy update

Hi there!

Zerocopy is updating its credit policy for users!

Why are we changing the credit policy?

The goal of Zerocopy is to let all students print all their course material for free! We are very grateful with all the positive and encouraging feedback we’ve received from you over the years. So, we are here to stay, and we’ll push things forward!

Sadly, not everyone uses Zerocopy like we’ve envisioned it. Some people found ways to print thousands of pages a day, and that can’t be for educational purposes. That’s just too bad, because we only have a limited amount of free prints available and we want to share these pages with as many students as possible. If someone misuses Zerocopy, they don’t steal from us, they steal from other students.

What’s changing?

To solve this problem and to stay true to our cause of free printing for all, we’ve changed our credit policy as follows:

  • For each profile section filled out, you’ll get 25 weekly credits immediately! If you have filled in the 4 profile sections, you’ll get 100 weekly credits!
  • For each real new user that registered through your unique referral link, you’ll get 10 weekly credits if the account is activated. If this user goes printing, you’ll receive 100 weekly credits, with a cap of 300 credits each week.

Getting referral credits, and thus also access to Zerocopy Delivery, is very easy if you do it right and very difficult when you do it wrong.

  • Right: share your link on social media or through e-mail, so your friends can also benefit from Zerocopy. People who did share their link got 3 referrals on average! So they’ll have the 300 credits each week!
  • Wrong: make a second account yourself, using your own referral link => it won’t work.

Furthermore, we’ve also changed the promo codes: from now on, old promo codes are deactivated, and all codes will have an expiration date. We’ll use them as an incentive or a thank you, but make sure they can’t f*** up the system. This makes sure that you’ll still be able to print your big courses!

In total, the new credit policy gives you 400 credits per week, or 1.600 credits per month + promo codes. If you study more than 1.600 pages a month, let us know! Would be great to get to know the next Nobel Prize winner! We’ll feature you on this blog with a great interview!

Last but not least, documents can only be printed or ordered once, because there is no need to have two copies of the same course. If for some reason, your print or delivery failed, you can mail us at support@zerocopy.be.

You might also have noticed that the double credits in copyshops have been removed. This was a temporary offer for everyone that now has been disabled.

Happy printing! Good luck with your studies!

Maxime, Kisco & Yves

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