Zerocopy at Mise en Place!


Totally new and qualitative FREE printing locations by Zerocopy at Mise en Place!

Zerocopy is introducing new FREE printing locations in Leuven and Antwerp! Now you can also print all your copies at ‘Mise en place’.

Mise en Place?

Mise en Place is an international employment agency for students who want to earn some extra money working part time in the catering industry: bars, hotels, big events and restaurants. They are the market leader in this field working with thousands of students all over the globe. Their Mise en Place Academy is their own training center in giving students the opportunity to learn to work in catering. They learn young people to serve the world and, in this way, making our planet a friendlier place. Students who are interested in joining this group have to make contact with one contact person only. So, all goes smooth, easy and friendly!

Where can I print at Mise en Place Leuven and Antwerp?

In Leuven we are situated at Mise en Place at Parijsstraat 76. In Antwerp you can find us in the Keizerstraat, at number 36!

Both the two new trustful print points give you copies of our highest quality you can expect. The quality is the same as most copyshops where you have to pay for your copies. At Zerocopy, every print is free!

So, we invite you to try out these two new printing locations: happy printing!


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