Why you should use StuDocu

Every Month we want to share with you the story of a new innovation in Education or as we call it EduTech. Preferably digital, preferably free! This week we want to tell you about StuDocu. Once a small start-up nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, they are now changing the way students study across the globe.The idea behind it is simple: share your documents and you shall receive. Here’s how it works.

1. Students Share Their Documents

Students from Universities all over the world upload their past and present course documents. This includes everything from book summaries, past exams, essays, assignments totutorial work for extra practice. StuDocu reviews them to assure the quality of the materials, and then uploads them to the website for other students to view. As an added bonus, when students upload courses, they get unlimited access to everything else on the platform!


2. Students Find the Documents They Need

StuDocu believes in the power of sharing. Almost everything (80% to be exact) is free to access without an account. Course materialsare sorted by university and by subject. So finding everything related to a specific course is fast and easy. Students who wish to access 100% of the documents and download the ones they need, can easily upgrade to Premium access.

Upgrading to a Premium account can be done in 3 ways: uploading a document, sharing one with a friend, or paying an affordable quarterly or yearly subscription.

It’s that Easy!

3. Everyone Wins

Reciprocity is what drives the StuDocu platform. Students can help other’s pass their courses while also using documents to pass theirs. Beyond that, StuDocu also provides students with documents they can trust – all documents are verified for both quality and relevance. Students also play an important role in the platform by upvoting, rating and commenting on the materials. This way, students can go the extra step in helping each other out by letting others know which documents are most helpfu

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Aside from access to over study materials, StuDocu is an awesome place for students to read about student life, learn about Universities around the world, and even get a chance to win cool prizes (like an Ipad) in the monthly lottery!

Studocu is leading the way, just like Zerocopy, to open-access education and is changing the way students study – helping students across the world get ahead.

So start printing your free summaries for free thanks to StuDocu and Zerocopy!


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