Some changes in our Education System

Chilling or studying during summer?

Have you heard the news? Some universities are talking about changing our known education system! Okay, it’s not for us anymore because it would be planned to start in a couple of years but still. What do you think about it?

First, we’re going to find out what’s about to change. You are one of those students that don’t have time to relax and you spend your holiday thinking about your exams. The universities wanting to change it are actually trying to find a solution: they want to make a real holiday in the summer and during Christmastime for the students. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The current system in seven short steps:

1. The academic year starts the third week of September.
2. There is the first semester when students have courses and maybe some tests with autumn.
3. Then, we have a holiday for Christmas where students are preparing for their exams in January.
4. Big exams in January.
5. The second semester starts after exams until May.
6. The stress starts and students pass their exams in June.
7. Then we have a holiday until August where students have a second opportunity to pass their exams of January and June.

Reforming education system

The whole calendar would get changed. The universities want students to start the academic year on the first September and to have exams before Christmas holiday. After those holidays they work until June. That’s when the re-exams are already. This also means that students also have a free and relaxed summer holiday.

Their argument is that when students are really relaxed they work better and have more success. But as always there is a lot of discussion about the new reforms. There are also a lot of consultations with students to have an idea about what they think.

This everything would mean one bad thing. All courses need to be known in a shorter time period. What do you think about this point of discussion? Is the current or the new education system better and why? Let us know in the comments!

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