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Top misconceptions about today’s youth

Today’s youth is often misunderstood and has been referred to as ‘the lost generation’ and many other stereotypes. However, a lot of these stereotypes are not what we see in the students we know. Zerocopy wanted to get this out there once and for all. Here are (what we believe to be) the most common misconceptions people have about today’s youth and why they are not true.

Young ones are disengaged

They say young ones these days just don’t care. Even going as far as saying that the upcoming generation is a cynical one, always ready to complain but never to help. We have to strongly disagree with this one (spoiler alert: we will disagree with all misconceptions) as we know that youth is actually very involved in the wellbeing of our society and planet! We would love to call the upcoming generation a problem-solving one!

Today’s youth is entitled

For some reason people tend to think our youth feels entitled. Truth be told most of youth grew up in better conditions than their parents and grandparents. But that doesn’t mean they feel like they deserve everything without giving anything back. A lot of the students we know are actually very aware and thankful for the chances they get.

They are all technology experts

This it totally not true! Technology is such a broad subject changing constantly. It is nearly impossible for young ones to stay on top of all the trends and developments in the technology area. Therefore, you can’t expect a fresh graduate to know everything about technology.

They are lazy

Zerocopy knows lots of students with high ambitions and big career goals. Next to their professional lives they also want to develop themselves. If anything, you could say they are not being challenged enough. This upcoming generation just wants to make a difference by using and developing their talents and skills which unfortunately doesn’t happen often enough.

They are addicted to instant gratification

With the rise of smartphones, social media and wireless internet this generation grew up with the habit of instantly getting what they want. It is true they have had more access to resources than previous generations but youngsters still enjoy working on long term projects saying it gives them even more satisfaction.

They need constant confirmation

Just like everyone in their 20’s today’s youth wants to make a difference in the work they do. Therefore they need recognition, which is not the same as confirmation. Youngsters want to get recognized for their effort. It’s good to praise your team from time to time although personal recognition is even better.

They can’t handle criticism

According to some stereotypes the new generation is unable to handle criticism. They simply walk into a job and act like they already know everything. And if they don’t, well 10 minutes of googling will do, right? Actually most students and graduates like criticism. That is of course when given in a constructive way. This generation is willing to work on themselves to grow beyond the barriers of their current skillset. With the world constantly evolving they have to keep developing themselves.

In conclusion we can say this generation hasn’t got it as easy as some people think. Don’t get us wrong, they do have more resources and possibilities than previous generations but that doesn’t necessarily make them all ‘spoiled and entitled’ youngsters. We think it is about nuances and living in a different time. After all how were you that age?

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