How to study efficiently?

As you maybe know, we at Zerocopy are all students. We too all know the horrors that end our collective party sprees semesters. The blok in Flemish or blocus in French. In these dark and lonely nights we study – allegedly.

Here’s our advice to study under the best possible conditions.

Mind your mind, and body.

Invest time in your physical and mental health. Sleep as much as you need. For some people, this means 6 hours, for others 9 hours. Do what’s right for you and plan accordingly.

Eating healthy is also a huge factor while studying. Preferably a healthy balanced diet. It’s worth the time you spend cooking it, if you have to cook it. You are going to be more focused. Junkfood clogs the mind – so don’t stuff three bacon burgers in your face. Energy drinks, like Redbull, don’t only give you wings, their fast sugars also take a toll on your brain and body. It’s better to stay hydrated with water. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Plan ahead

To make life easier for yourself, you should plan ahead. Otherwise you risk burning out and getting overwhelmed. It’s really important to know what you have to study. Plan your week, but do it in a reasonable way. No matter how smart you think you are, you are not cramming 2 subjects in a single day. Studying too much during this time will make you tired and lazy for the exams. It will also make you feel like a failure.

What works for you

In high school you probably got told how you should study. It worked, otherwise we would never have met. In university (college), the amount you have to study has increased. What worked for you then, might not now. It’s very important you know what works for you and that you keep using that. It works if you work it… And if it doesn’t work, try something else.

If changing subjects each 2-3 hours works for you, who can stop you? You do you. If it doesn’t feel right and you don’t get the results you want, stop it. There’s no point in studying this way if it doesn’t help.

If you want to read more on an ancient secret study hack, read this. (coming soon)

Visit your friends

There is nothing better to clear your mind than meeting your friends and having fun with them. Find some time during the week, maybe in the evening during the study period to relax with them. It’s not because the exams are coming, that it should be the only thing on your mind. When it makes sense, you should get out and chit chat the stress away.

Take breaks

The human brain is an amazing, complex thing. Yet it is not designed to work/study non-stop. Don’t hesitate to take breaks only for you. Taking breaks will help you to refill your attention levels, let some fresh air in the room you study in. Simply by going for a walk, practicing sport. Though very tempting we’d advise you not to watch series or read a book. They will make you lose track of time, Rick and the gang can wait for you.

Stay away from electronic devices

Let’s face it. Whether it Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or whatever, the internet is a very distracting place. That’s why you should be smart enough to avoid these heavens of procrastination. Luckily there’s a new device that will help you with that. It’s also free! Wanna know what it is? Your off/mute-button. Nothing is going to be very urgent during the studying period. Everything can wait, at least until your next break.

If you have printed all your courses and summaries with Zerocopy, you don’t have to fear getting tempted to start surfing the interwebs.

The last golden tip

Look, you are an amazing capable person. You can create your own destiny, so believe! If you see a future of success, that you will be successful. If you see a future of pain, then it will be so. The most important thing is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You control the outcome. Go for what you want! Find a way to motivate you! Maybe it is by putting some post-its on your desk or downloading a nice background on your computer or on your phone.

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You can do it! Good luck!
#TeamZerocopy believes in you!

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