New Student? Tips to survive the beginning of the school year

Life of a student is chaotic with many activities and interests

Argh. Summer is over.
It’s time to get behind those school banks and rock another year.
How are you going to do that after such an awesome summer?
No idea? No problem!
We know how difficult that first month can be, so we wrote down 2 major tips about student life to survive the beginning of the academic school. Tips

1. Be prepared

Being prepared is just so important. And it’s not just about the mental preparation (which is probably the hardest), it’s also about getting the right stuff (course materials, books and handbooks), knowing what you can expect from each course (what will you learn? How? And how much time you will need), and finally knowing how to organise your life outside of the courses, like where to buy food, where to print your courses, where to park…etc. And that is just the “where to” section. “How to cook” brings to mind more questions we have to ask ourselves everyday.

To give you a tip, check those services as they might be very helpful:

  • Guido is a guide for students that includes student cities maps and study and free time advice. It also comes with offers, discounts and even services especially created for students.
  • Student.be  is a website that helps students find jobs. Whether you were looking for a student job for some extra cash, looking for your first professional job, or even looking for an internship, this is where you need to browse.
  • The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is your passport to fantastic discounts and services at home and around the world.

A must is to check your school’s website before school begins. For real, just do it.
Another thing to pay attention to, is to be on time in class.
Really, why would you put so much effort (getting up, getting ready, going to school) to be late somewhere.

The first week is also crucial to pay attention to everything that is being said. Teachers will explain tasks for the whole year, they give you some tips and tricks and you just don’t want to miss out the first chance to get to know your classmates. It gets way more difficult afterwards!

The first month is probably the hardest of the school year, but if you start fresh without any worries you will get better grades at the end of the year. You don’t want to have a setback right from the start.

2. Relax

Students also have to make choices about their fun activities, and manage their finances
Fun and responsibility of students

This is EVER SO important. We can’t say it enough.
It’s not because summer is over, that you can’t have fun anymore.
Go to a party, go shopping, play some videogames, do whatever you works for you. Just relax from time to time. You must not forget that your student time is the best time of your life. All you have to do is to actually make it the best time of your life.

Don’t get us wrong. School is important. Very important!
But so is relaxation and a social life. You can achieve straight A’s. But without extra activities or a strong network, it doesn’t even look that good on your CV.
Grades are important, but so is your social life. That’s why you should reserve a weekend now and then to party, to go on a vacation, to have a movienight, … JUST TO HAVE FUN!

Another important day is the ‘me’-day. Have one at least once a month. Just a day where you do nothing but hang out with family, just lay down in the house or just sleep the whole day, it’s all okay. Whatever you want. I mean this is your day, you can do whatever you want.

We know school can be hard sometimes. You have a lot of responsibilities and obligations. Don’t let that pressure you into a boring, always busy kinda person. Relaxation is as important as school and a social life.
But on the other hand, don’t relax too much.
You need to be willing to sacrifices some things.
Surviving the first month of school, actually surviving your whole school career, is all about learning how to balance your social life with your school life.
This is not easy, and is different for each person; but we are here to guide you through this year and if we can help you with something, feel free to ask.

Brian De Herdt.

Edited by Alex Jaou.

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