Reach Students Effectively

In-course Advertising

Ads Distribution Network

  • 60 printing points

    We collaborate with both Copyshops, where we install our software together withdiverse partners in retail where we install our own printers.

  • 2 Ad Formats

    In the courses of a target group of your choice ( e.g. engineers in Brussels), you can communicate through both full, A4 pages, distributed every 10 pages and banners on the bottom of the page. You can A/B test the performance of your advertisements through our measurable techniques

  • 2.000.000 pages printed every year

    Our (currently) 80.000 users print about 2.000.000 pages every year making Zerocopy the biggest print medium for the age group 18-25. On average, every course printed with Zerocopy is viewed 3-4 times