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Cutting the costs of education since 2012

Lowering the financial bariers of education

 How Zerocopy lowers the financial barriers of your Education.

Lowering the financial bariers of education

Zerocopy is a Belgian organisation founded in 2012 by two history students passionate about education.  Today, with a core team of 8 people and four times as many students active in the company,  Zerocopy is an organisation for students, by students ! Initially we launched with one printer in Ghent. Now, five years later, we are present in all Belgian student cities. With almost 66 000 users today,  we will have reached 100 000 active users by the end this year, setting everything in place for internationalisation.

But let’s start with why…


We from Zerocopy believe in the power of investing in the future and that education is one of the most important ways to do it. That is why, we believe, it should be accessible for everyone, regardless of their social and financial backgrounds. We aim for a more democratic, higher education system.


The first mission of Zerocopy to democratize access to higher education lies in lowering its financial barriers by letting students print for free. With Zerocopy students can print out all their documents, courses, slides, cases, readers, and so on. We do this by putting a small, relevant advertisement at the bottom of every page. This way, we can cover the cost of the printed page and generate a gross margin so the company can cover the fixed costs and can reinvest in growth. Through this growth, one day, all the students, worldwide, can print their documents for free. 

Our goal is social, our model to achieve our goal is commercial. We strongly believe to reach our goals with a for-profit business model. On the one hand, profit fuels the growth, necessary to offer our service in every continent and on the other hand, profit is the basis of a sustainable model that does not depend on subsidies.

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