Important Zerocopy updates (14/03/2019)

New design is live!

In the past few months we were testing the new design and now it’s the time to open it to everyone! The new design is a full redesign of Zerocopy website and improves the user experience. We hope you like it!

New credit policy

Over the past years the Zerocopy community has grown a lot! Now, you all print 6 times (!) as much as two years ago! With these great results, we were able to attract new partners to pay for your prints. However, Zerocopy stays an equilibrium between students and partners.. and as you are all printing so much, we risk that there won’t be enough prints for all of you. That’s why we, temporarily, need to limit the number of prints per student. Temporarily, because we are working hard to attract more partners, so you get to print more!

This is our new print policy:

  • the credits per week for a full profile are: 75 credits
  • if you add friends, you won’t get credits… for now! But that will change in the future!
  • the promocodes are reduced

One delivery per month

Before this change you could request one delivery per week. However we need to move now to one delivery per month to be able to provide deliveries to all students. Nothing else will change for Zerocopy Delivery at this moment. In the future, we’d like to give you unlimited access to Zerocopy Delivery, so stay tuned!

Global printed pages limit

Zerocopy will temporarily have a limited number of available pages to be printed for each month for the whole community. When we reach that limit no one will be able to print more documents until the first day of the next month. Besides the uploads will be disabled when we reached the 90% of the limit to be able to print the remaining documents.

Accounts must be activated to use Zerocopy

From now all the accounts must be activated before use Zerocopy, no one will be able to upload or print documents without activated account. This change is very important and will allow us to reach all of you or avoid problems with wrong email addresses (for instance reset password process).

You will be able to activate your account with the activation email that we sent to you when you created your account. Also, you can request new activation email doing click in the link that Zerocopy will show you next to application messages.

The profile questions need to be filled out to use Zerocopy

Filling the whole profile is mandatory from now to use Zerocopy, no one will be able to upload or print documents without filled profile. We need to do it to be able to have all the necessary information to provide ads to everyone from advertisers. Now we get too many complaints of students who don’t have matching ads, which makes it impossible for them to print.

If you try to upload or print your documents without filled profile you will receive specific error message, so please fill your profile to be able to print for free.

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