How to get a relevant student job

Lots of students are looking to get a relevant student job. It’s a good way to gain some experience, dust off that resume and meanwhile get some money in the pocket. Having a place to test their knowledge and put theory to practice is what attracts students to apply to a job.

The more relevant the job is to their study (or career interest) the better! The question is: how do you get a student job that fits your education?

Start looking in your school

Your school probably has lots of connections and opportunities that could help you get a relevant student job. Dare to take initiative and make the best out of those moments. Probably every department will have its own opportunities so try to find out more on them.

Look for an internship

Internships are a good way to boost but your professional skills and understanding. The experience you’ve gained will look good on your resume and provides you more opportunities for work. Perhaps you even end up working at your internship.

Polish your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an amazing tool to find a job. Make sure your profile is fully filled in. Also try to be active from time to time. You can comment on posts of your industry and connect with people you can learn from. Try to post yourself every once and awhile as well, you can write something about your internship or even a blogpost on a topic you find interesting.


While studying you have lots of opportunities to expand your network. Think about the professors who teach you, people at your internship, speakers or even your fellow students. The six degrees of separation is a theory that claims you can reach virtually anyone within six connections. Knowing this you don’t have to be afraid to reach out to people who you admire and want to learn from.

Recruitment agencies

Lots of recruitment agencies have special initiatives for study-relevant student jobs. There are even agencies dedicated to student jobs such as Studaro. Go inform yourself on what they have to offer and see if there’s anything for you.

Recruitment platforms

There are lots of online platforms with job listings for student jobs. You have the large ones like Indeed, Monster.com and also several specialized ones such as Student.be, Save the student, Student job.be and Syft.

Make your resume stand out

Businesses get a lot of resumes so it’s your job to make yourself stand out! You can make your CV more visual by adding some design or even make a video resume. Some people even have a website of themselves. That’s putting in effort! This is a great way to show how creative you are and to make companies remember you.

Boost your resume

How pretty it may be, the most important part of your resume is the content. Make sure to mention who you are, what relevant experience you have and what skills you possess. Your resume should be adapted for every company, tailoring down to how you and the company match.

Work in a startup

You will never learn as much as when you’re working in a startup. Of course, this won’t be a 9 to 5 job but unlike working in corporates where everything is sorted out for you, you will be involved more in the decision making on various things such as operations, budgeting, hiring, sales and marketing. And If you’re early on, you can expect to grow into a job with great responsibility.

Work in a corporate

We didn’t mean to say working in corporates is bad. We said they have everything sorted out for you which means your job offers training programs, coaching, growth opportunities, empowerment and more. Companies like Deloitte offer amazing programs for internships, student jobs and graduates where you get to work on exciting projects with other motivated team members.

Start a business

Well we know we said you can’t learn as much as working in a startup, unless you start one yourself. More and more students are starting a business while studying. They have access to resources, a network and even guidance. You never know what will happen, you could even become the next Mark Zuckerberg!

We hope this helps you on your way to find a student job. Remember, it’s always a good thing to learn and gain experience and while studying you can find some interesting opportunities. Grab every chance you get to professionally develop yourself and make the best out of the most beautiful time of your life.

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