Help us improve our service and get free credits!

Improve our service

Tell Us Your Experience with Zerocopy And Get More Credits.

As we told you in our latest blog post we’ve come a long way. From one printer in Gent to over 60 printing points right now. This doesn’t mean that our job is done. Not at all. Now it’s time to improve our service, get you the best possible user experience and become a reliable alternative for printing.

We’re going to do this in two ways. One way is us giving help to you with our hacks. We give you inside information to make the experience as easy as possible. The second way is to you helping us. After all, you are the one using our service and you’re to one who knows how and where we should improve.

That’s what this is. A call to help us improve. We care about all the ideas to improve our service. How you can help us? Start by filling in following survey. This will give us valuable information and will give you some free credits.

It doesn’t stop there. If you have any ideas or you just want to share your experience with us, contact us on support@zerocopy.be or via social media (Facebook & Twitter = Zerocopy, Instagram = Zerocopy_com). I want to thank you in advance. You are the one making our company and the life of a lot of students better.

Give us feedback, learn all our hacks, get some more credits & print your documents easier. You don’t have any feedback? Join our competition win prizes from our partners like Dour Festival.

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