Hack your way to the perfect printed documents!

Perfect printed documents

Hack your way to the perfect printed documents!

For the past five years a lot has changed .We started off in 2012, when we were still students ourselves, with one printer in a small shop. Today we have more then 90.000 users using Zerocopy in over 60 locations. We’ve come a long way, with ups and down. But we’re proud about where we are today.

We are not perfect yet, but we do our utmost best to be perfect for you. We’ve been talking with a lot of users lately and we realised there are still some issues that need solving for June. We know those exams are killing you and you just want to focus. We want to offer you the best possible user experience and become a reliable alternative to printing.

One way to get there is by us educating you how to use Zerocopy the best. That’s why we’re stepping in. Whole March we’ll be giving you best practices and handy tips to use Zerocopy. So is there something that you really would like to know to hack your way to your perfect printed documents, just let us know and together we’re going for a better UX!

You contact us with all the things that you would like to know on support@zerocopy.be. You can even give us feedback to help us improve. How? Here’s how!

Zerocopy is nothing without it’s users and we understand that. Making your life as easy as possible is our greatest care and we do everything that’s possible to provide you with the best user experience!

If you want to hack your way to perfect printed documents you know what to do. Stay tuned, subscribe or follow us on Facebook & Instagram and hack your way to the perfect printed documents and smooth exams in June!


Maxime Carpentier, CEO of Zerocopy

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  1. This will surely bring out the best color in the printing scheme and will make sure that the quality of the print is maintained with the utmost precision and the control over the colors. Thus delivering one of the best piece of prints.

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