Why is printing with Zerocopy free?

A lot of new users of Zerocopy often ask this question: “Is Zerocopy free for real, or will I have to pay some fees later?” We always smile and give the same answer: “Of course, printing with Zerocopy is free. As printing, and education, should be!”

We figured it was time to explain why printing is free.

We started Zerocopy to allow students to print without worrying about their budget. The reason why this concept is possible is simple. Some companies, like Red Bull and Kinepolis, are geared towards students. This makes Zerocopy the perfect springboard for them. Most students will spend some hours per week to study. This makes them unavailable for companies. They are not watching TV,  aren’t on computer or social media. Instead they are focused on their lessons. (Or they should be anyway.) The only way company could advertise to students would be on their printed courses. This is what Zerocopy does. Yet we don’t keep the money, we give it back to you, our users.

How does it work?

Our sales managers must find clients who want to target students with their advertisements. It can be any kind of advertisements or companies, as long as there’s an agreement between us. Together we decide on a few things. The type of advertisements, where to put them and the length of the campaign. After these negotiations, we launch the campaign. We use the money from those companies for a few things. We buy printers and cartridges. We pay our employees. Most important we can let students print for free.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! Have a good week!

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