Flowtrack Add Friends Competition

What are you up to this summer?

What are your plans for the summer? Festivals, parties, a camp, a trip to the sea, fun with your friends,…. ?

Why not combine it into one, All-in, 1 or 2 week, 18+, Surf and Party trip to Mimizan, the Surfers Paradise of France!


Have you heard about Flowtrack?

Flowtrack is an organisation that organises amazing Summer, Winter, Bike and group trips for youngsters and students like you, have a look at all they have to offer, it’s amazing!

They believe in a Destination Feelgood for everybody! They take care of every aspect of your trip so you can focus on good vibes, and good vibes only!

Through a unique combination of adventure, pleasure, good times and surprising encounters, every one of their trips becomes a true Destination Feelgood!

Have a look at the Flowtrack ID, excited yet?


But why do we tell you this? Well Christophe has given us a lot of free tickets to offer you and your friends!

So that’s what we are going to do, from 18/04/2017 until 09/05/2017 we will be giving away 5 (ALL-IN) Duotickets and 3 basic packages so you and your friends can visit your Destination Feelgood this summer!

How, you ask?

Well, it’s very simple just:

  • like our Facebookpage
  • Add as many friends as you can through your unique URL

    ( Log into your  Zerocopy account > click: get more print credits > click add Friends > find your link and share however you please!)

  • keep an eye out for our updates on the competition
  • And maybe you and your friends will be sipping cocktails in Mimizan this summer!

It’s really that simple!

Check out last year’s aftermovie to get what we are talking about!

questions? info@zerocopy.be

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