Employee of the month – April 2016

Picture8Name: Eline

Nicknames: Sielens and Spurtie

With Zerocopy for:  Only 1 month!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Push the snooze button. After that I check my phone to see if Zac Efron texted me to confess his love.

What would you change if you were our world leader?
Our national anthem would be ‘Single ladies’ from Beyoncé. There would be free hot chocolate for everybody. And everybody who is older than 21 and single has to go speed dating!

Now for real: I would change the money system. Everybody would be obligated to work at least 6 hours a day. Money wouldn’t exist. This way, poverty would be gone. Everybody would have a house and nobody would have to pay for a goddamn thing. I know it’s a little naive of me to think this way. But I see poverty everywhere… why does this still exists in 2016?

Tell us your most embarrassing moment:
Ugh, I don’t have 1 embarrassing moment. My whole life is embarrassing!
I trip over all the time, I say stupid things because I don’t filter what comes out of my mouth. And Chinese people think I am some kind of popstar (3 times Chinese people came to me, asking for pictures while I was shopping with friends. On 3 different days and years!)
And people often think I am joking while I am being serious… a w k w a r d

Note: Eline tried to bribe us with 3 Oreo cookies! Apparently it worked 🙂


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