Ecology in free printing?

The importance of Ecology and Sustainability at Zerocopy

Our ecological View

With 12 million pages printed for free per year, we often get asked about our view on Ecology and Sustainability. Our users wonder what we do about so many kilos of paper being printed on a regular basis. That is why we took the opportunity to share with you, our values and the way we think about the important matter of ecology.

We believe in a society that is as paperless as possible. We aim for a reality where spilling paper is reduced and where everyone makes the reflection ‘do I really need to print this’ before actually printing something.

Our paper is a conscious choice

Furthermore, we believe there is nothing wrong with farming trees in a sustainable way, turning them into, what is today still, the best medium to study on. Research of Baron (..) has proven that 92% of the students still prefer to study on paper.  More importantly, the research found that the cognitive performance of studying on paper is higher than studying on screen.

The choice of paper is off course very important. We have chosen for Discovery 70gr for several reasons.

First of all, the paper weighs 70gr instead of, the generally more used, 80gr per square meter.  This way, we already save 12,5% of resources at the beginning of the paper downcycle.

Secondly, the paper is made of fast growing Eucalyptus trees in Portugal. Working in Portugal reduces the ecological footprint through transportation on the one hand and the treefarm follows all rules of sustainable forestry on the other. Because of the fact that we work with sustainably managed forests, we are part of the net tree planter network in Europe.  The net tree planter network focusses on planting more trees than harvesting them, which is the methodology of sustainably managed forests.

Finally, as a result of all these conscious choices, our paper has all the highest European sustainability labels.

Next to the choice of paper, we only allow our students to print recto-verso and we minimize spilling by limiting the number of pages they can print.  

This way, they value every page, printed for free with Zerocopy.

It’s already a good start, but with your help, we can always do better! Let us know how you think we can improve our ecological consciousness on support@zerocopy.be!

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