Zerocopy Delivery

You never have to look for a printing location again, from now on, your documents get delivered at your address! For free! And in full color! Available anywhere in Belgium! And you don’t have to be home, your documents will just be put in your mailbox!

How to get access to Zerocopy Delivery?

1. Complete your profile, so you get 100 credits/week instead of 10 and the ads will match your profile!

2. Try out our free printing service at one of our locations (duh, why else would you sign up)

3. Invite a friend to join Zerocopy through your personal referral link and make sure he or she printed at least once.

How does it work?

*note: if your PDF contains too many pages, you can easily split it in smaller pieces with SplitPDF.


1) Upload your documents in PDF format.


2) Select the documents you want to order by hitting the checkboxes. Make sure the total amount of selected pages is between 55 and 120 pages including full page ads.


3) If everything is filled in correctly, continue by clicking on ‘order for free’

4) Add your address in the order section. Make sure you fill everything out correctly to prevent wrong deliveries or other errors.

5) Confirm your address by clicking on ‘Save’.

6) When you are ready, check the details: are the documents you order the right ones? Is your address 100% correct? Yes? Hit the ‘Order’ button!

7) Hooray! Your prints are on the way!






You can check the status of your delivery on your account.

PS: We will continuously improve this feature, keep track! Let us know how your first experience was with Zerocopy Delivery on our social media or support@zerocopy.be.

Looking forward to hearing from you and have fun using Zerocopy Delivery!