Competitions at Zerocopy



A Competition for a Better UX

Every month you can win dozens of tickets, prizes and much more simply by solving the bi-weekly puzzles printed in your courses. At the beginning of every month, the winners are announced on our Facebook page! More information here



Take your chances on winning a personalized sweater.

I am graduated, now what? What authorities do I need to go to formalize the transition from a student to a young professional? Do I need to get my own health insurance? What about hospitalization? CM answers all these questions and many other in their useful graduation guide. To promote this initiative, they are giving away dozens of personalized sweaters every month!

More information on graduation here


Win €50 worth of Netflix and Chill for your upcoming Netflix binge-a-thon

Liberale Mutualiteit/Mutualité Liberale recently updated their list of insurance compensations for students, they pay back part of your gym subscription, your dentist, even anticonception…. But they want you to discover it yourself in a word puzzle printed in your courses ( you can also download it here).

So head to, print your courses, solve the word search and win you Netflix coupon! More information on the compensations of LM here

Win 2 Kinepolis movie tickets every month.

Bond Moyson is very enthusiastic about the concept of Zerocopy so they want to motivate students studying their printed courses as much as possible with these tickets. Besides that, they offer tons off benefits their younger members, from compensating you for wellness and sauna excursions to worldwide travel insurance.

More info on what benefits bond moyson offers here


Get your made to measure ear plugs now

We all know the importance of ear plugs on festivals and concerts but we also hate to use those cheap plugs distributed on events everywhere. Well to promote hearing damage prevention, CM not only distributes free ear plugs on all your events but they also give away made to measure ear plugs, worth €155 every month.

More information on hearing damage prevention here


Get a free entry ticket to Bobbejaanland with the code zerocopy018

Bobbejaanland did a lot of infrastructural investments, from a new VR coaster to many new chill out zones, for students to chill out have a beer or enjoy a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They want to spread this message as far and wide as they can so next to their running Bobbejaanland Printing challenge, every person that buys a ticket, gets to take a friend for free!

More information about one of Europe’s most impressive VR coasters here


Find your way through the Maze and get a Zerocopy unique reduction

Did you see Netflix’s recent success casa de Papel? Ever wondered how you would do if you were a robber under pressure? Well, this is only one of escape room Leuven’s 60 minute, thrilling scenarios! Not only is Zerocopy giving away free tickets in this month’s together for a better UX campaign, escape room Leuven is offering a reduction to all users as well! Find the maze in your courses (or download it here) and get a nice discount on your next visit!

More info on Escaperoom Leuven here