The Bobbejaanland Printing Challenge

Are you preparing for the finals?

It’s that time of the year again, sorting through all your courses, making a list of all the stuff you still need, starting to realize you better start going to those last lectures of that one class you kept skipping and very soon you’ll lock yourself away, buckled down, determined to continue your success or set some things right.

As you have closed yourself off from the outside world, locked away in your hot room or huddled together with dozens of other energy drink processing, course marking study machines, that’s when it begins….

There is no other time you’re this creative in coming up with stuff you could be doing other then studying, than during that time of the year you are tied to your desk.

Student meme exams

So what are you thinking about?

Going out for a beer with the guys? Taking your boyfriend shopping? Chilling out in the sun with some friends? Maybe even go out to a funfair or check out a show? Grab a bite to eat, maybe to that great grill place you’ve heard so much about? Getting a cup of coffee with your girlfriend? Or even visit a attraction theme park….

What if I told you, you can do all of those things at the same time, thanks to Zerocopy and Bobbejaanland!

Have you heard about Bobbejaanland’s Virtual Reality coasters yet?

Everyone knows Bobbejaanland’s long loved thrilling adventure coasters like the Typhoon, the sledge hammer, the speedy bob or the indiana river but have you heard about Mount Mara or that they recently updated the famous Dreamcatcher?


Ready to fly high, you are taken 25m(!) up in the air to soar like an eagle above the water in the oldest Coaster of the Park. It was built in 1987 and was Europe’s first hanging Roller Coaster!

But that’s not all the VR pleasure there is in Bobbejaanland. You know the revolution right? The indoor coaster with the clock?


Well the world’s longest indoor roller coaster has recently been equipped with an amazing VR experience as well.

So next to the clock adventure, you can now experience a thrilling volcanic outburst in collaboration with Samsung as well.

Excited yet? Well read on to discover how you and your friends can go there…


The Bobbejaanland Printing Challenge

To motivate and encourage all the students studying their courses, printed with Zerocopy (that’s you), Bobbejaanland is giving away 100s of tickets!

All you have to do is introduce your friends to Zerocopy’s print and delivery service.

Off course you’d do that anyway, because who wouldn’t want toend their friends’ trips to copyshopsby instead letting themordertheir courses to be delivered in color, at their home, for free!? (Duh!)

Only now, you get rewarded for actually getting your friends to print the courses they’ll need.

The more friends you can get to printing with Zerocopy, the more tickets you can win!

How does it work?

By now, you probably have already seen the leaderboard temporarily added to our website.

For those who have been printing with us for over a year, this will look very familiar. Just like we did with our Flowtrack add friends competition last year, contestantscan follow up ontheir ranking during the whole competition.

zerocopy competition ranking

It’s similar, but not quite the same. Instead of counting how many friends you have added, as shown in the picture above. In this leaderboard, a score will be counted.

There are two ways to gain points.

  1. Add/activate friends 1
  2. Get them printing 5

for every friend you activate, you’ll receive 1 point, for every friend you get to printing ( this includes Home Delivery) you’ll receive 5 points.

The more points you have, the more tickets you’ll receive.

The competition and it’s conditions

We have a general Terms and conditions page on our competitions which you will find herebut for the Bobbejaanland printing challenge there are a few extra rules to be taken into account.

  1. The competition takes 4 weeks, from 15/04/2018 – 12/05/2018. on the 13th of may, the winners will be announced on our Facebookpage
  2. People who add fake accounts and accounts via temporary email servers will be immediately disqualified and the added accounts will be removed (we have the right to remove your account if we deem this necessary). if you are in doubt about what mail domains are temporary ( and therefore not allowed) please review this list (although the the maildomainsup for qualification are not limited to this lis)
  3. The higher you end up in the ranking the more tickets you receive. The ticket covers the entry.
    1. 20 tickets
    2. 15tickets
    3. 11tickets
    4. 9tickets
    5. 9tickets
    6. 9tickets
    7. 9tickets
    8. 6tickets
    9. 6tickets
    10. 6tickets

Do not hesitate to contact us for information about the competition and its conditions on

Good luck and happy printing!