Zerocopy Ambassadors

Zerocopy Ambassador?

How many friends have you added to already? 1, 2, 10, none? Perhaps you’ve shared your link but little people made an account or maybe you didn’t even knew you had a link you could share?

We recently launched the Zerocopy Ambassador program, through this program we are challenging our users to add as many of their friends as they can and we reward them for their efforts with both extra credits and gift cards of their favorite companies.

Wanna know how and what companies? Read on….

Adding friends to

You can add your friends to by the help of a personal URL unique for every user. You’ll find this URL in the tab ‘Get more print credits’.

When clicking this button you’ll see two choices. Getting more credits by filling in a survey (=your profile) and by adding friends.

When clicking on Add friends, you’ll find your unique URL.

You can either share it on Facebook, or you can copy the link and put it where ever you like. A third option is sending it directly to your friends’ emails.

To make it easier for you, we’ll send you posts and updates in whih you can paste your own unique URL.

What’s in it for me?

For every 10 activated friends you add to, you are entitled to a gift certificate of your choice. Top picks for the moment are: Amazon,, Fnac, Spotify and Netflix but the choice is yours!

on your unique URL page, you can track how many friends you’ve activated. At the end of every semester, we’ll send you the certificates you are entitled to.

Sign up below and talk to you soon!

any questions?