How to reach students effectively?

From print, online to direct mail, we offer several ways to reach students effectively

Targeted Advertising

Reach students in their student courses, the medium with which they spend most of their time. 

Students go through their courses 3 to 4 times per semester. While they are behind their books, they are not scrolling, swiping or turning pages. Instead, they are highly focussed. And ad-blocker have no chance. By advertising in these courses, you invest directly in the students community. Students save money thanks to you, and you get your message in thé student medium.


Select the desired audience for your targeted campaign and only the selected students will see you company message. No wasted resources by focussing on the wrong Student Audience.

Zerocopy combines the impact of print advertising with the targeting possibilities of online.

Online Advertising

Show digital banners to students visiting the Zerocopy platform

For every print, students go through the Zerocopy platform, where our partners display online billboards.

As we use the same targeting as in print and we only display one large ad on top of the website, our click-through-rates beat industry averages time after time.



Market Research

Get instant insights on how students perceive your brand, campaign or new product idea 

When filling out a survey, students gain extra Zerocopy print credits. That’s how we easily get from 250 to 1.000 completes in a few weeks. Based on the specific research questions, we propose different approaches.

Want to know something about students? Just ask them!

Free printing and delivery for students at Zerocopy

Direct Mailing

Deliver your message or sample directly in the students’ physical mailbox

With Zerocopy Delivery, you are able to send samples, vouchers or any other direct mail to the Zerocopy students along with the courses they ordered.

A unique way to reach the young adult target group who barely receives postal-mail.