5 things I have learned through student life in higher education

Here we are with part 2 of things, learned in higher education. Today, three final thoughts on student life enjoy and I would love to hear yours.

3. Find a way to recharge your batteries

Student life can be quite stressful, between classes, fun with our friends, commitment to our tribe (see part 1), it can sometimes be hard to just be at peace. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, that’s why we need those batteries recharged once in a while.

It’s very important you find something that helps you to take a break from daily student life. Sorry, it can’t be drinking with your buddies, you do that more then enough. For me this is hiking in nature, but it can be sports, yoga, holidays,…

As long as it takes you away from the daily routine and it is something you chose yourself. Don’t go to the gym because your buddy does it,  go there because of you.

4. Find something you are good at and do it much as possible

This one is tied with recharging your batteries, but not quite. Things you are good at, you automatically like to do. That is why this is important. If you are good or even exceptional at something, friends and family will compliment you for it building up your confidence.

It’s no surprise that when people, especially students, are getting acknowledged for their success they live a more fulfilling life and are happier overall. For me this was making music in a band but everyone has to discover his own talents. It can be playing sports in a team, organizing events, ….

When you find your talent, do it much as possible, you’ll never have more time on your hands for developing your talents then you have now. Haven’t found your talent yet? Experiment, try different things and you’ll find it soon enough.

5. Experience, Experience, Experience

This one is probably the most important one, we are young, we are free, we have no (big) responsibilities and more money then any generation before us ever had, in a world getting more connected every day. There are very little barriers for us students to explore the world and discover who we are.

So love, laugh, travel, drink, just enjoy your time as a student to the fullest and you’ll be sure to look back to this time as the best days of your life.

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