5 things I have learned while working during higher education part 1

As the end of the academic year draws to an end, so does my final semester as a student. My name is Siemon Vermetten, I’ve been working at Zerocopy for almost two years now. Before moving on to a full-time job I would love to share with you five things that I’ve learned from my time spent working student jobs in higher education. These might seem pretty straightforward, but believe me, to many people tend to forget them.

1. Have a pack, find a tribe

We all have friends, colleagues, classmates,.. but a pack is something different, a pack, your pack, is a small group of friends. Your pack is similar to you but not exactly the same and you can tell them anything. They won’t judge, they won’t laugh, they know everything about you, believe in your potential and want to help you grow. Off course they are the first to laugh their ass of whenever you do something stupid, they are always there for the good moments but the first ones you call during the bad.

But you also need a tribe, a tribe is an organisation with a purpose that brings together a great number of students often completely different but with a shared goal. The bigger their numbers the better, the more diverse, the more enriching. When I started my Bachelor Marketing, my tribe was Pepperminds, but this can be a student union, the boyscouts, anything, as long as you have one

2. Always have a boss and make sure you like him/her

Let’s face it, we are poor students and we need that extra cash for our trips, parties and whatever it is we spend our money on, then why not do it while working for somebody you really like?

Since I was 15, like most of us, I started to work student jobs, but not once did I work for a boss that I didn’t like. Especially while working for Pepperminds and even more right now, working for Zerocopy.  If you’re lucky these great people you work for might even provide you with inspiration, life-lessons and bring you one step closer to that job you’ve always wanted. The coolest thing though, is that when you are working a job you actually love for people you actually like, it really doesn’t feel like a job and who doesn’t want to get paid for his hobby.

Check in next week for part 2, lessons 3, 4 and 5


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